Wednesday, September 29, 2010

free to a good home

well, $549,000 free. 


And  cash only.  Don't you just want to get your hands on this old, Los Feliz,  beaut and restore her with an endless budget?  Built in 1923 and being marketed as "Grey Gardens" - a bit of a stretch but they know their market. see more here.


Anonymous said...

that house (with a bit of work), is my dream .

mary said...

Oh, I would love that house and the million plus it would take to bring her up to snuff. What great bones she has!!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

WOW - now that place is amazing!

rosiecampbell said...

That would be a dream come true to restore it! I would love to see it once it's restored.

Mary said...

this makes me weep - I lived on the corner of Richland and Los Feliz and walked by this beauty everyday. Someone needs to be punished.

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