nesting newbies :: issue four

If you have a moment, please go check out the new issue of Nesting Newbies. I'm so impressed with these gals' innovative efforts. With all of the new online magazines hitting the virtual stands, I love the direction they're taking this.
Video content? brilliant. I've always wanted the magic ability to jump into a photo shoot. And,bonus, some of my favorite blogger buddies are featured in the Nor. Cal. Winery, dining experience. Lynn, Jeanine, Ann + Rebecca.
oh, and if the above photo gives you hint, this is a great resource for tabletop design ideas.


Thanks for the mention. Wish you were there! (:
Peggy and Fritz said…
OMG I woul dye for this table. I might have to steal that idea for my next party. I look forward to going through the on-line Magazine.

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