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A great tabletop, easing it in to fall.
A touch of woodsiness. A grasp at the last bits of summer color, while leaning into some autumnal hues. Too bad we can't get Peonies this time of year. And I'm gad that whomever styled this didn't polish the silver.
Have a great weekend. And any of you having a baby on Monday, right on. Labor day babies have a great sense of humor, by birth right.


Gramercy Home said…
Gorgeous tabletop. Just love those birch vases. Have a wonderful weekend!
Karena said…
You are the best Megan!! A beautiful table indeed! You must see my post on Kansas City Museums!

Art by Karena
what a gorgeous tabletop!!! lovely thoughts
emefem said…
Labor day babies...You're cracking me up!
And that's a lovely table for the transitional moment between summer and fall. Captures the perfect mood.
red ticking said…
hi megan....
have a lovely weekend... LOVE the happy flowers... xx
Simple Home said…
Beautiful photo Megan. I love the birch wood vases too. I just posted today about my daughter turning 17. She was born on Labor day weekend. I've always gotten a kick out of that too.
Flotsam Friends said…
It's stunning. Have a great long weekend. You lucky things... Think of me at work Monday. Pruxxx
mary said…
Have a great week-end. Having a baby on Tuesday (grand daughter) hope that the sense of humor blessing extends to Tuesday.
Charlotta Ward said…
Loving all that birch wood! Makes me feel right at home in a cozy Swedish kind'a way!

Wish I was having a baby on Monday. How fabulous it would be. Just like that.. 'sorry guys am off to have a baby'.. :)

x C
This is great! Love the drink, looked like one of the martinis we had at our wedding...matched the bridesmaids' dresses.

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