so cute you wanna squeeze it

Man, oh man, where was summer at the beach this year? Seriously, as we hung out with good friends and their adorable new baby Saturday night, the cool fog engulfed us. Total Pea Soup. Not far from their house, the football field lights of the local high school glowed in the mist, the announcer's voice muffled in the heavy mist. Very autumnal - which actually makes for a great cozy evening, in, to coo over the newest little cherub in our group.
Speaking of adorably cute things that you just wanna squeeze....check out this Icelandic version of the 'snuggy' you almost don't want to put into the same category of last year's polyester blanket sack. The Birkiland, 'Baby Sea'l is a beautiful, functional bit of art that makes your little duckling look like a stylish baby seal. What's cuter than that?


I think precious is the only word for that photo!
Unknown said…
Love reading your posts and listening to the SRT - Thank you for the perspective you bring. I must ask about the previous post.. Can you give some info on the photographer who did the horses? Absolutely love that photograph. Thanks Megan!
beachbungalow8 said…
Hi Deborah

I haven no idea who that photographer is. I found the shot on tumblr and it gave no credit.

thanks for you nice words!

Jen said…
Adorable! What a great gift for a baby born in the chilly winter months!
oh my gosh, how cute! he looks wonderful! =)
lovely looking blanket for kiddies!
That baby seal will keep little kids warm and comfortable. Like it.

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