Hotel Fredrick


It's always been a little pipe dream of mine to find a vintage hotel, in a picturesque small town and restore it to its former, or newer version of its former self. One of my good friends has had the opportunity to do just that and has enrolled many of the area's majorly talented artists to help create a unique experience. 

the lobby

hang out in Glenn's bar with bartender/apparition, seen above,  Jeramiah ready to serve up your favorite libation.

The historic Hotel Fredrick, built in 1905, is located in Booneville, MO - halfway between St. Louis and Kansas City - has opened its doors again keeping the historic integrity while adding some modern touches. 
 Kansas City, artist and Bravo's  'Work of Art' star Peregrin Honig, embellished the glass walled bathroom with her work.

If you're in the midwest this makes for a great  weekend get-away, with attractions in the area that include riding bikes on or hiking the Katy Trail, visiting the Warm Springs Ranch (Budweiser Clydesdales breeding operation), Les Bourgeois Vineyards (what, you didn't know that Missouri has some of the finest soil for growing grapes in the country? )   And fall is a beautiful time in this part of the country.

Today, October 7, 2010, The Hotel Fredrick , will be offering a Groupon one day deal.  The Groupon, which is good from October 8 through March 31, is $49 for a weeknight room, $99 for a weekend room.   (Standard room prices range from $125 to just under $300) check it out on Groupon Kansas City, and Groupon St. Louis

Book your room now book your room now at 660-882-2828, or toll-free
at 888-437-3321.*


Jenny said…
I just moved to Santa Monica from Columbia, MO a few months ago and never made it to the Frederick Hotel before moving. It looks very charming! I LOVE the Midwest in the fall and look forward to going back home to KC for Thanksgiving. Hopefully it isn't too cold by then!
designchic said…
What a charming hotel and great price too!! If I'm in the midwest I'll keep this in mind...
Karen said…
What a charming hotel. I'd love to see it up close and personal. Love the lobby.
Make it stop.
Gosh, this place just might motivate me to further explore the treasures of the midwest.
That glass-enclosed/exposed bath area is epic.

Cheers, Alcira
Artist said…
What great photos. I like the colors. I am painting through synesthesia which makes me see colors when I hear names and numbers. These colors I transform in paintings. Colors are my life.
Great post Megan. Hotel Fredrick is my kind of place. Shiree'
Susan Windsor Jones said…
Can't believe I didn't know about this! Who is your friend?

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