I choose studio choo

Last weekend, when  I attended that birthday party up in Napa, the guest of honor asked if I would help out with the table. A huge honor but also a big responsibility. The flowers being the most important factor. I knew exactly what I had in mind. Nothing tight. Nothing with stems wrapped with a banana leaf, or nestled among beach glass. Nothing overly designed. Nothing trite. Something, loose and natural, full of life that looked like I might have hunted and gathered all day. But even better. 

Should I run into the city and hit the SF flower mart and attempt to do it myself? Should I hit the local farmer's market, day of, and hope to find some rangy looking flowers and greens and then walk the roads along the vineyards hoping to find an errant branch dropped by an Oak tree? Sounds good from afar, but in reality, by the time I got up there,  the last thing I'll want to do, is fret over finding the perfect bits and pieces of flora and fauna for an arrangement.

So, what's a blogger to do, but hit the internet scouring florists, high and low. It wasn't long before I stumbled through my bookmarks and came upon Studio Choo on Divis. in the Mission.

I knew of their great blog, Small Stump, but had never ventured past it into their Flower shop's website.

Lucky for all of us, I did and away we went. Proprietors,  Jill and Alethea did me so right. I began to give them direction and then stopped myself, remembering, I'm hiring them because I trust their aesthetic and they're the florists, not me. Needed to get my sticky hands off of the project. The result was insanely, gorgeous, wild, organic and bursting with autumnal color. Everything I wanted and even what I didn't know I wanted, but did.


Studio Choo offers workshops and has one coming up that I'd love to attend: creating holiday wreathes out of Farmer's Market finds.


and  carries all kinds of lovely gardeny/flowery related items.

this little box of treasures, nestled among moss is so great, I wouldn't want to deconstruct it. I'd just look at it, like it is. in tact.

I can just tell the place smells of good earth and geranium leaves.

AND to top it all off, they have little pallies:

Thanks again, you guys. You made a birthday girl and her friend, very happy.


Mrs. Blandings said…
You are now in charge of the flowers at my next birthday party (in the homeless shelter) and likely the flowers for four or five of your other friends. Terrific.
*Chic Provence* said…
I'm heading over there today! lovely post!


May Brady said…
Oh how I enjoyed reading your latest post, what an adventure! The flowers look gorgeous (and so do the little pallies)... http://maybrady.blogspot.com/
Peggy and Fritz said…
I have to agree the flowers were perfect and they did an amazing job. I would love to take one of their glasses. Maybe if we move to SFO, I can add this to my things to do. It was spectacular and it was exactly what the guest wanted. Perfect Megan!
Ana Degenaar said…
Oh Napa! This sounds refreshing and just amazing!
Custom Rugs said…
I'm no where near Napa and won't be able to use these ladies, but I love the fact that this post made me FEEL like I was there! Delightful!

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