nerd boyfriend

Super creative idea. I don't know what I like better, the great image finds or the brilliant concept of the 'what he wore' resource panel below. 

  'Nerd Boyfriend' blog (just occured to me that I have a Nerd theme going on these days ) is a must bookmark. Clever, clever, clever....and useful.


Karena said…
How great Megan.

I am also listening to your SRT with Rhoda!!
I love all of these discussions.....terrific job that you Linda, and Joni pull this together!

Art by Karena
Brilliant idea. I'm always amazed at the creative people out there. Great post!
Camila F. said…
That first image is so funny!!! Thanks for sharing!
Ana Degenaar said…
I love love love this! so cool!
Megan, you find the cooolest new blogs for us! Thank you!
julia wheeler said…
i freaking love this! nerd boyfriends are what it's all about!
Kelle Dame said…
So fun! Thanks for sharing! On my way to check it out!

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