pssst......Rose Tarlow Taste Maker's Sale at One Kings Lane this Saturday

If one could be a Showroom Stalker, then I am to Rose Tarlow Melrose House. When I drive by the shop, I slow way down. I rubber neck it as I pass and then try to catch the last glimpses in my rear view. When I step foot inside, I breathe in the cool air smelling of good wood and something like drying flower petals mixed with bee's wax. 

The aroma is just the beginning, because as you walk through the space, you want to run your index finger along the arm of a chair, run a flat palm across the fabric of a sofa, cup the cold ceramic of a lamp base. Kid in a candy store is maybe more like it. I want to live there or at the very least create a space that feels just like this. It's heaven to the senses. 

This Saturday, One Kings Lane will be presenting the Rose Tarlow Taste Makers sale. And the prices are incredibly reduced.... 60- 70% off. If you haven't already signed up at One Kings Lane, I suggest you do so, now. They're always a great go to for beautiful deals. And come by on  Saturday. But get there early, it should be a mad rush and quantities are  limited.



Karena said…
Really beautiful Megan!! Love that wooden bowl.

I have a Luxurious New Giveaway on my site....Come and enter!!

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