This Week On The Skirted Round Table :: David Easton

We had the great pleasure last week to sit down with architect + designer, David Easton. I think we all assumed that were going to sit down for a very erudite conversation about design. It was going to be one of those valuable, but maybe dry conversations. An excellent "lecture" filled with gems of knowledge and pearls of wisdom. Wow, were we in for a happy surprise. Mr. Easton, is not only the top in his field and brilliant, but is charming, witty, and yes cerebral. Come have a listen, I think you'll love the man behind the edifice.  The Skirted Round Table 


David Easton is an icon of the Interior design World.

his eye and attention to detail and his sense of scale has been paramount in setting the tone for our industry.

thank you for being so on top of who is who!
jamie Herzlinger

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