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 Every year my friend, Patricia ( aka Mrs. Blandings ),  puts out the call to bloggers to post pink for the month of October, as it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many of you know, my mother-in-law Sally, fought hard against Breast Cancer, but in the end lost. She left behind two young sons, on the brink of manhood.

As  a child, my husband, lived with the effects of cancer and the ravages it can have on one's body and  the lives of those around it.  Being the amazing, person that he is, he has made it his goal in life to take on Cancer in the way he takes on everything- proactively and with positivity.  By educating others and giving hope to the children whose lives have been effected by it, he is facing it with strength and love.

If you live in  Southern California,  Walk With Sally is a unique and uplifting, mentoring  program. It's a place for families to unite,  get information and be a part of a supporting community.

Early detection is key. Please take it upon yourself, to get educated and proactive in this fight.  More information is available at the National Cancer Institute and the Susan G. Komen Foundation.


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Karena said…
Beautiful reminder to all of us Megan.

I too am posting pink today!

Art by Karena
Lacey said…
Sweet post! My Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and is currently cancer free after chemo and a double mastectomy! Running in the Susan G 5k next weekend in Birmingham, Alabama.

Zakary said…
Pink tub? Shut up.

Down with cancer.
Splenderosa said…
What a lovely post, Megan. So touching, as it was meant to be. I applaud your husband & you. xx's
Love this post... the pink tub is fab.

Thanks for posting pink and spreading the awareness.


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