The Walkman 1978-2010 R.I.P.

Sony has announced that they will no longer be making The Walkman. 

In memory of my old Walkman {and my long ago youth }, a few songs that got the rewind button as I laid, on foil, bored with the tedium of long summers in the backyard,  covered in baby oil. ahh to be so blithely unaware.

red hot chili peppers :: give it away

violent femmes :: blister in the sun


junior murvin :: police + theives


La Maison Fou said…
So very sad, and a sign of the times.

I wonder some days if we really are better off than we were 20 yrs ago?

Wow, I can't even believe that they were still making them. Does bring back some funny memories! R.I.P. Walkman...
I'm just in shock they still make walkmans: Seriously!!! I would have thought this post was about 10years too late!
72 and sunny said…
I know! I had no idea they still made them. and for whom? Is anyone really making cassette tapes?
Ha, ha...I loved my Walkman, was a constant while painting away in my art studio at S.A.I.C....oh, the days.
Slim Paley said…
OMG- that is too funny- I was just thinking about my first Walkman yesterday! Judging by your song pics I must be older than you, but I remember coming back home to Vancouver after living in Tokyo for several months, with my new Walkman. I swear I was one of the first Walkman Wearers in town and I thought I was just the #$%^&!!
Now I love my SoundHound App. but never have enough time to download all my new musical finds.

RIP Walkman is right!
annechovie said…
Wow, I had that EXACT model! What great memories attached.
Unknown said…
High as a kite, I just might...STOP to check you OUT....we must be the EXACT same age...I didn't even have to hit "play"! to look up a Violent Femmes channel on Pandora :)

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