After a full weekend of Turkey, it's just little Hamish.

  1. Love a good sartorial based magazine = Fantastic Man
  2. Love a good, washed out Juergen Teller shoot = Hamish Bowles looking his usual dapperly dapper self.
  3. Love a guy who dresses the way he lives = again, H.B.


LiveLikeYou said…
How fun...he dresses like his curtains!
It is so very true- we can not all keep that up, mostly I live much better than I dress on a daily basis! I love this idea you have provoked in me though and maybe I need to step it up!
vicki archer said…
He looks so cute...and Yes, fantastic blog title....xv
Peggy and Fritz said…
Love it. He looks like he would be a hoot at a cocktail party. Definetely a martini drinker.

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