Angela Adams take on the recycled sail

Recycled Sail totes, are not a new concept { + I love the whole idea } But leave it to designer Angela Adams to collaborate with Sea Bags and  take it to another level with her signature, amorphously shaped t.v. sets on stems in color cutouts: 

These are perfect for our holiday, unannounced, drop-bys to beach dwelling friends. 

Nautical and stylin'.... who gonna turn you down, boo?


Beth said…
Interesting. Looks like she's giving another Portland, Maine, business -- Sea Bags -- a run for their money!
those mainers....creative, smaht, and clevah. love her stuff and never woulda known had I not paid you a little visit.

(okay, creepy Mainer accent is too hard to write, but I know you get it.)
Paula Masterman said…
Pattern reminds me of a Trading Spaces episode... Doug Wilson and a couple who were improv actors - they painted this pattern all over the walls of the room in that red!
I'm lovin' these. I'm a big fan of her rugs already, but these are so perfect for weekends at the beach. Thanks for sharing!
Maggie said…
The wine tote is perfect to accompany some holiday wine for our friends who have a sailboat! ;)

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