etsy for the holidays....

I am not one of those people who has almost completed her Christmas shopping, addressed her Holiday cards, ordered the candy cane colored baker's twine to tie around brown paper packages,  wired together the fresh Magnolia branch garland nor made all of my homemade, perfectly packaged flavored liquors....  or any of that, "A personality", Martha nonsense. No, I'm still she who sends Valentine's Day cards more years than not because I can't get my act together before the New Year. 

But let's just, for a moment, pretend that I am someone who spends her days calmly, quietly humming carols in November, as I find the perfect gift for everyone on my list including the mailman, the teachers, the sackers at von's etc. Yes because I'm that together during the holidays. Not a hair out of place. fa, la, la, la

 Of course, etsy would be my first stop for finding unique gifts made with love and heaps of creative juju. A few of my recent finds............

FauxKiss out of Portland, Oregon creates these super affordable prints on vintage dictionary pages.The botanical prints she does are beautiful as are the more serious animal prints. 

At $12.00 a piece, the 8x7 prints are the perfect thing to buy in a set of 3 or more.

Who doesn't need a good looking container bag? This line by Brin and Nohl is made out of burlap coffee bags. Burlap + a Big Graphic, Cross Motif  = big ups. Cool enough that even a guy would want one or a few of these.  

Speaking of cool, they also make these awesome, military blanket pillows.  These eco-chic finds are all under fitty. Which, really, is so worth it.

Who can take a nothing day, and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile?

This bag can, that's who. No, I know, it's a huge statement. Giant Green leather satchel in your face kinda statement. But it's so great.  

And look, what's on the inside....

 love is all around, no need to waste it, stick a little happiness into the details and you've got a winner all the way around { it comes in red too. } colorful leather bags by The Leather Shop  $120.00

I like all of the pomp that surrounds a formal dinner. And what better time than the holidays to give your friends a reason to get dressed in their finery and sit down at a beautiful table with good food and wine. 

these place cards by Timeless Paper are such a clever and unique way to give your table an added something.

Ready for on of the best ten dollar gifts out there? A frequent contributor to the Blog Out Loud swag bags is Margaret @ Paper Pastries.  Her line of stationary related items rocks. simply put. She has a great sense of humor and it shows in these pencil sets {which all come adorably packaged in a muslin bag} 

The pencil set for the know it all in your life:

The chef in your life:

 And the fourth grade California student who found social studies 'soooo boring' this year that she couldn't retain one damn thing about her fine state,  and then went and blamed her mom and her teachers for the bad grades she received. #notmychildmychildisagiftedgenius.

also, you have to get the brass double barrel pencil sharpener to go with. If only because it's cool looking.

and wait, the candy cane baker's twine I mentioned before? she sells it.


Only she calls it Divine Twine and has it in a million different colors { or 6 or 7} Visit her site, she has great handmade cards and all things clever and papery. Paper Pastries

 I love these because of their simple beauty. What dog owner wouldn't want one of these made to order, sculptures from kgrandey. You can just feel the quiet love the artist has for animals. Thanks for making my heart sing. 

these tiny rabbits under a bell jar, slay me with their cuteness {each less than an inch tall}


Zakary said…
Love all the things you came up with here. You have fabulous taste.

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