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Note to my friends with younger children:: this 'sMother' thing you're doing ? Will come back to emotionally maim you + bite you in ass when they get older. For the past two days, the girls have been home for the holiday. After 9 and 12 years of life, they're completely capable of getting themselves a glass of water, something to eat , finding a lost headband...ENTERTAINING themselves. You would think. ink But in the early days, I was so good at being at their beck and call, they truly do not think they are capable of anything - or maybe don't want to be (what sane person would turn down their own personal, lady in waiting ) . So, this means that every time I try and sit down at the computer, take a business call or do anything that might possibly NOT include taking care of, or entertaining them... I hear the baleful caw of the baby bird at the bottom of the stairs , 'mmmMMMAAAAWWM'? autumn Thus I'm getting very little done. What I don't sound thankful? Thankful that every day I wake up knowing that I have two beautiful girls who are healthy, strong, considerate, creative, loving and good thinkers? I am. More than you can imagine. This mothering thing, was truly a gift I probably didn't deserve on a lot of levels, and one that I never take for granted. Ever. Sure I get irritated fromtime to time ( and, you would too if someone asked you where the butter was....um, did you look in the fridge? no, can you? ) but I know that my time is very limited with them. Before I know it, they'll want little to do with me and it will be I who starts calling and bugging them. I have a lot to be thankful for. So, Happy Turkey Lurkey day. It's really all about this gratitude thing, this gravy of life. I found these lovely little thanksgiving Thank Set over at my friend Audrey's blog, parcel post. They're hand created by the aptly named....Simple Song. I think these, or your own version of these, would be a great bonus to the holiday table this year......
write down your thanks and hang it from the chandeliers. xo


Karena said…
Very fun Megan, I love your colorful images and thoughts about your girls!

The thankful cards for the Thanksgiving table are a great idea!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Art by Karena
benson said…
oh my goodness I remember those days :)
Now; my three 20+ year olds are my "go to" people when I need to know how to do this on the computer, design advice, and "does this make me look fat" truth. And yes; still worry about them on a daily basis...that part never goes away. Enjoy your Thanksgiving with your chicks...they grow and fly away way too soon!
jenniferament said…
Can TOTALLY relate...Every morning ( as I am packing lunches,feeding the dog, cleaning up cat puke, trying to make myself a cup of tea) my 11year old daughter asks if I will get her something to drink as she eats B-fast...Uhhh-You know where the cups are right?
Ana Degenaar said…
This is such a lovely post! Happy Thanksgiving!
Lisa Porter said…
True that! Then they stop wanting to hold your hand or acknowledge you when you come to school. It's crushing but shhhhh...it's really ok. Inside, they are really praying that they can grab your hand when they need you and that they can depend on you being at the right place at the right time. Be there quietly during that "season" and then they will love inviting you back when they are around 18. Then it get's really fun...really.
You are a good mommy Megan. I just know it!
I also want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving! Always thankful for you being such a wonderful friend and a bright spot at TLPC.
xo Lisa
.OR said…
I read your blog each week and it's a real pleasure to discover your new post each time.
Hope you will visit my blog.

mary said…
I think those girls loooooove you. And why wouldn't they want your non-stop focus? You are amazing. It is so hard to grow up and let go. Yes, the time is now to cherish all of the goofy thing that they do, especially when one is very busy. (Where is the butter? That's a new one for me)
Have a wonderfully blessed Thanksgiving.
Peggy and Fritz said…
Love the images for the post and had to giggle at the "Where is the butter?" comment. LOL! Enjoy and relish in the moment as it will never be here again. Pretty soon they will be like - mom....can you please get out of here? hee hee. ENJOY! Lot's to be grateful for.
Susan Windsor Jones said…
Elbo loved your post. She recommends the following bit of brilliance to entertain the ladies:

.OR said…
Happy thanksgiving and congatrulations for your blog,I read it each week.

Happy Thanksgiving, Megan! My son is away finishing his 3rd year of lawschool and I missed him and his sweetheart so much today. Thank goodness they are coming home for Christmas! Take heart...those sweet girls of yours are going to be calling you...they won't ever want to miss a Thanksgiving without their Mom! :)

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