This week on The Skirted Round Table:: Belgian Pearls blogger, Greet Lefe`vre

This week we chat with Belgian blogger, Greet Le fe`vre. Greet is the creator of the popular blog, Belgian Pearls which naturally focuses on one of the hottest design trends currently happening in the U.S. + abroad (have you seen Restoration lately?)

Along with her blog, she designs for her family's several generations old, design company: Lefevre Interiors. Listen in as we get her take on Belgian design, her family's success and if she thinks all of these Belgian reproductions are really passing the muster. The Skirted Round Table


vicki archer said…
I loved listening to is always wonderful to hear a fellow blogger and have that chance to know them a little more...xv
Karena said…
Megan this will be such a treat!! I am very excited to listen in.

Art by Karena
Greet Lefèvre said…
Thank you again dear Megan, for the opportunity you gave me!!
A big hug,

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