did you hear that I painted my floors?

oh. you did? ok. Just making sure that the 'Ad Naseum of the subject is being fully supported. And I just went from brown to gray. big deal. Check out these brave + beautiful, papered + painted, stairs....
orla kiely paper - which could be free handed.
kate spade via tumblr
reminds me of cashmere winter socks
skittles. I can only guess that this home is someplace gray and cold.
happy monday.


Always love some color under my feet that's not of the fuzzy, shaggy kind....but may I be one to comment on the new header? Megan - it's fantabulous! Love, love, love you and the balloons and the confetti. And the look is so classic - you could be on the coast of Spain, Hamptons, or LA - really. Just super fantastic congrats to you and your handiwork!

(p/s I know I'm repeating myself with you, but I thought it was worth repeatin')

beachbungalow8 said…
thank you so much. I'm not sure if I'll schtick with it. but, ya know, it's nice to change it up every once in awhile.
Unknown said…
I dig the 3rd image with all the gray tones. Although can you imagine all the work that went into that?! Crazy. That's one hell of a DIY. :)
Linda Merrill said…
So sick of Orla Kiely. Get a new pattern already!

Love the new header. See - change is good!
LOVE the first one and well, pretty much all of them! One day when we finally settle down and we have a big lovely house to live in, I'm going to paint me some stairs.
Concrete Jungle said…
Makes me want a set of stairs! Love the new header too, HAPPY!
Mrs. Blandings said…
Love, love, love the new header. And your painted floors. And the fact that you did it yourself moving furniture (and the fridge) around while you did it.

I do want to paint a floor. All the goodness of January in the new house when everyone goes back to school seems just right there.
SeasideStudio said…
I love painted stairs! We had them in
our house growing up. Love your blog too!
Katie said…
These painted stairs are fabulous!!

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