to do list

cookies and nog are so over.

photo:: not martha

some ideas for those of you snowed in or left with a bit of extra time on your hands this holiday season:
photo:: Vicki Archer
Mod-Podge your stairs with leopard paper.

make a bookcase tree

 photo source:: Nathan Turner

paint your ceiling dark gray

de kooning-ize your pillows { or go ahead and buy one from Wary Meyers }

make a festive, yet effective, trap for sneaky kids on Christmas Eve.


Kelle Dame said…
I love these ideas! The book trees are just genius! I was drawn in by the gingerbread house hanging on the edge of the mug. Soo cute!
Thanks for sharing!
mary said…
I love these ideas--especially the "trap" for early risers on Christmas day. What fun. be well.
The bookcase tree and the ornament-stairwell-kid-trap will have me smiling all weekend.
Sparkie said…
Love this. Esp. the gingerbread house and those crazy ornament stairs. Sorta Christmas @ Grey Gardens. I'm thinking a little nog, Maker's Mark, and nutmeg in that mug; sitting at the base of those stairs, singing Christmas carols with Big & Little Edie.
Hi there!

I saw the gingerbread house cup topper just last night. So funny... I stumbled on it by accident... on Not Martha. It's cute... are you planning on making one yourself?
beachbungalow8 said…
stephanie, thank you for giving the source of that photo. I think I found it on Swiss Miss a few years ago. Sparkie, totally. I'm there with you wearing an old vintage fur, languidly laying on the last few chairs, gesticulating with 'nog in hand.
Zakary said…
Ooh, that pillow is gorgeous!
Love your Ideas!those awesome ornamental stairs and the "trap" for kids on Christmas day!Definitely fun!happy Holidays.
I love these~! The ornament stairs are lovely, and that tiny gingerbread house. Whimsical and fun... Thanks for sharing!

Sparkie and Beachbungalow8~

Oh Absolutely, I couldn't agree more. Perfect cozy winter image. It makes me miss the snow... as it is my very first Christmas on my own in Santa Monica- 70 degrees and lights on the palm trees. I'm still loving the season...

Thank you! xo

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