what would I do?

This week, blogger, Cristin @ simplified bee blog, asked me to join her in her on going Design Blogger series, 'What Would You Do'. The premise is simple: take a piece of furniture and design a space around it. The end result is a great variation on design created by several different aesthetics.
The piece of furniture: Channing White Desk from Pieces
What I would do :
I've been dying to use the Gracie wallpaper for awhile, and I love the way those organic lines look juxtaposed to the angular lines of the desk. I'd paint the trim in the room the same color as the Loop chair. I've repeated that juxtaposition in the lines of the mirror and the Loop chair. To me the desk is very utilitarian, retro glam and what better backdrop than a feminine, hand painted Chinoserie wallpaper. Also, mix those metals!
I chose the Antelope carpet as I've been loving leopard touches lately and became inspired. The Antelope is a bit more subtle than a leopard. I chose the Chris Spitzmiller lamps because....when you can always, use a Spitzmiller lamp people. Plus, the overall composition needed that little nugget of color.
Thanks Cristin. Love a job with no budget! You can see the other concepts created around this desk at The Simplified Bee.
Check out The Simplified Bee's ongoing, monthly Design Blogging Series, What Would You Do. There are some great past posts


Leigh Chandler said…
I love what you did with your project! My parents had that same Antelope carpet in their bedroom and several ajoining rooms. I have seen it a million times since the early 1980's when they had it and I could never tire of it! I love the colors you chose in the lamps and the paper! Gorgeous!
Unknown said…
Megan, you did a wonderful job. Love your combination of styles. Your wallpaper and rug selections softened the sharp sleekness of the desk. Well done.!
mike.gracie said…
Thanks for the Gracie wallpaper mention Megan! In case you haven't seen it, you might like Luke and Julie Janlow's Gracie installation as featured in Vogue:


(You have to scroll down near the bottom).

Regards--Mike Gracie

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