summer stripes.

Espadrilles as blankets. What could evoke the happy go lucky, bon vivant vibe of a summer day more than a good summery stripe?

After a very long year of uncharacteristically gray, here at the beach, I'm jonzing for some sunny summer beach weather. These would be the perfect thing to spread over the warm sand and doze upon. Plus they would look great hanging by the front door at the ready.  From Steve Alan


Karena said…
Your post made me feel happy and warm Megan. As you prob know it is frigid here in KC!

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Art by Karena
Unknown said…
Oh yes.. those are gorgeous! Now I just need a beach......:) x
Peggy and Fritz said…
Love these...I want some of these even for drapping over chairs and our bench on the porch. I'm half awake so need to see if you posted the link- if not, will you send it to me. Love them. Ann

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