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Completely going Amish on my computer last week, has been..... cleansing? liberating? hibernating? paralyzing?

I sit here, cotton for brain, beginning a post about my anti-resolution act, hopping over to fb to get in on a wall discussion regarding whether  All - Clad or La Crueset is the better slow cooker.  Coming back, erasing previous entry,  scanning through some websites and photos I pulled, 'last year'. Back to Twitter, answer a few emails....

I'm practically sitting here, eyes at half mast, chin on hand, drooling  with  'Back to Reality' playing softly somewhere in the nether regions of my shrunken brain.

Today, this is just going to be a toe dipped into the larger sea that is blogging. A post to get the gears moving a bit. Nothing too serious, just pretty, pretty pictures.

 The always cheerful photography of Magnus Selander

My bike love is forever true > Now if only designer, Kara Ginther,  would create a saddle for the beach cruiser.

And while we're on the subject of bikes, I know, the Carrie Basket is nothing new. But I still love mine and highly recommend it. You can find it at Gum Tree, in Hermosa Beach.

One in every color please. I received one of these for Christmas, and love  it. Look how cool it is. That alone had me sold.


And finally, I love this bathroom. Perfectly perfect for a beach bungalow. found via here. 

wainscoting and red bed

and this lovely little beachy guest room. I can feel the salty sea breeze wafting through the window already. found via here.

I'm warming up already. 


Charlotte said…
Love that bike basket! Can't wait to read your anti-resolution post.

Blue Skies
Charlotte xo
Mrs. Blandings said…
Looks good to me. And, "Yule Blog"? One of the best post titles ever.
Peggy and Fritz said…
Megan I'm loving that first blog picture. Might have to copy that and store it for a future party. Love it. Also, that bike basket is one of my favorites and one of my first blog posts. I was just in gumtree and saw she had them but I need a white one to match my bike or maybe I just need to buy a new bike to match the colors she has LOL!. Happy New Year. Ann xo
lovely paintings in the beachy pics.
love the paintings in the beachy pics.
I love the bike basket!
I love the anti-resolution-er
My resolution, as always is not to take on, do more, etc, as these goals seem to fade away as the year goes on.

I had just posted I prefer to 'shake the dust' each new year. Out with some 'old' that is bogging you down. Make room for all the good that might come naturally. :) These images are beautiful, thank you for sharing,

jessica rae
{lovely ugly design}
Love the timber crates as storage in an entry or "mud room" as we call them in rural Australia. I am surprised I have not discovered your blog sooner! Have signed up and look forward seeing whats next. Just listened to your interview with Vicki Archer yesterday, will be back.
Karen said…

I'm a visual learner so lots of pretty pictures are one of my favorite things to view ;-) Thsnks.
Happy new week of a new year.
Anonymous said…
Pretty pictures. I would never have thought about using pink as a table setting but it's so beautiful. I'm enjoying the other beautiful pics too. Very relaxing especially on a cloudy, cold day that I'm having here.

Cotton for brains? Seems to be working well at least :)

Let me just say, I did not know what I was going to get one I clicked on the play button....to my surprise, one of my favs! Bonus being the bose is hooked up so it came on blasting...good way to start the morning rocking. Thank you! :)

Love these images. The crates with those pink boots, happy.... Drooling over the bike seats... NOW I MUST get a beach cruiser just so I can have one.

Make it a happy day. :) xo
Aimless Olive said…
welcome back & Happy New Year!!! yummy little start!

M x
Aimless Olive said…
ps. the Soul II Soul is a nice touch. good groove!
Very pretty pictures indeed! Love the crates for shoes and of course the bike basket! -Ann
joyce@canadianoriginals.net said…
I really like your new blog header - charming and fresh.
mary said…
My head is a little foggy, too. Happy New Year!
Ha! I totally know how you feel, I was blank this morning trying to write something, my brain is just waking up again...
Love the pics, specially the first one...wish I was there right now!
cotedetexas said…
my sister in law has a set of those pots in turquoise!! they are gorgeous. love your header picture. you are tooo cute. miss you!!
72 and sunny said…
I think my resolutions are going to be along the lines, of letting go of all things that didn't really serve me last year. like those ugg boots in the back of my closet or maybe my annoyance for people in the grocery line that talk up the cashier. Those are some things I could stick to. Way easier than some kind of exercise regime that will be kicked to the curb by 2/11.

shaking the dust as it were.

thanks to all of you for stopping by. This first week is tough. NOW GET BACK TO WORK>
Pretty! The bike basket is awesome and so beachy.
Al said…
I really want that orange Crueset...and I don't even cook. It's just so pretty.
maggie rhyne said…
Ha! It's like having a mini soundtrack to you blog post, i love it!

Happy New Year!
farnorthcarrie said…
Please tell me about your glasses and skirt. So beautiful on you!
72 and sunny said…
Orange La Crueset pots are so fabulous. Sort of like me having a surf board in my house. I don't really use it that much, but damn it looks cool.

glasses are just Ray Ban Wayfarers with my prescription put in. I love them. They're huge and make my whole world feel clear.

the skirt was nabbed off of the Anthro sale rack. ( secret: it's a size too small, or maybe I'm a size too big, so I can't button the top button...Thus the sweater over the waist. Shhh )
Sarah said…
What a beautiful bathtub, I adore this set up!
Anonymous said…
I was just in gumtree and saw she had them..
beach bike
helena said…
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