Thursday, March 24, 2011

peace out

simple, simple. I love a good collection. such an easy way to make a strong statement. 

I'm going NO where this weekend. staying put, and cleaning out the closets. Spring is in the air.
have a weekend. xo  * M



red ticking said...

have a wonderful weekend... xxxx

Sarah Woods said...

It's funny how a group of blue bottles can put a smile on my face. Nice pic thanks
Sarah ...... Glad I found your blog.

Cherry said...

Vintage bottles and queen anne's lace remind me of late summer...I can't wait.

Enjoy your weekend. I 'll be spring cleaning too.

camping bungalo said...

I love your site. It is very enticing and colorful. The photos are great too. Thanks!

Curious Details said...

oh how i love the peace out image today.
inspiring and simple.

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

These are all so pretty and I love the blue color. Really glad I found your blog. Like it a lot!!

Silver Magpies said...

Oh, I love the blue bottle collection! That photo just makes me happy :~)

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