Wednesday, March 16, 2011


who do you think tunds their ro better.....

via::The Selby

via::peak of chic


Gramercy Home said...

Tough call. I love a round table in the middle of the room for display. But, the photo gallery in the Spade's rotunda is great. Tory's seems a bit unusable. I like it to be used. As if I have one!

Cecilia said...

I actually like Tory's - maybe unusable because it's an entranceway or foyer? (Do you know?). I like the way the flooring detail mimics the shape of the room.

Karena said...

If done right......I love the idea of it.

Megan I gave you a shout out at the bottom of my latest post!!
I am in a cast and haven't been down to the mail....

Art by Karena

Karen said...

I like the Selby due to the gallery of pictures and the neutral colors.

joodieg said...

the yellow, without a doubt!

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