This Week on The Skirted Round Table:: Product Pitches

 Any of us who have been hanging around the blog world long enough, gets these. All day every day. Weekends are no exception. Some pitches have absolutely no relevance to the theme of your blog, others are great fodder for a new post.....or, wait a second. Did this company tell 50 of your closest blog friends about this sale too?? And now, come morning, everyone has the exact same post on the Spring Sale happening over at Super Fly's Furniture  Finds?

This one ended up being a bit controversial (read the comments) but at least, we three, are willing to  own our thoughts on the subject. Some found us arrogant and smug in our opinions. Other's agreed that we were right on.

In the end, it's just blogging and......Life's a pitch.


Peggy and Fritz said…
Can't wait to hear it - I'm behind on my Skirted as well as my own blog - lots going on but cannot wait to hear the comments and discussions on this one :)
Hi Megan,

A much longer comment is posted on Surroundings. Hopefully, as I told Linda, these comments are taken in the spirit of creating a healthy, honest dialogue. You do a great job here, and certainly we all have lives and can never please everybody. That said:

1) Assuming you've got a good product and the approach is done well, what's the harm in pitching to multiple blogs - especially when the reality is the vast majority never bother with a reply?

2) Five minutes on Twitter suggests the multitude of design bloggers DO know each other and probably exchange input, ideas and war-stories. On the other side of things, a smart business probably has a list and follows the best blogs out there (we certainly do). If I approach one at a time, what is the protocol there? What's the appropriate wait time for a reply? As I mentioned to Linda, if we hear back on maybe 10% of our pitches, I'd be crazy to follow that approach. We are all in business to grow and make money. Apparently, though, I'm running the risk of annoying bloggers with overlap - you suggested that yourself in this blog heading.

Honestly, what's the solution?

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