Friday, April 29, 2011

peace out


Had a great time at the KBIS ( kitchen + bath show ) this week - and a blast hanging with Erika of Urban Grace, and Meg and Jessica of LeSueur Interiors. Did I mention this all took place in Vegas? The 4 of us noshed at one of those restaurants that over looks a room full of blinging, flashing slot machine ( "wheel. of. fortune." ). We managed to do a wee bit o' gamblin' at the roulette table. I think Erika was the only winner (unless you count the $5.00 return on my $20.00 ). Those table guys are serious when it comes to gambling, they weren't even buckling to the Southern charms of my gorgeous cohorts (we were trying to get hints and tips ). Happy weekend "y'all"

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customerservice said...

Hi Megan -

I love photos like these. I always take one while on holiday. I call them my 'happy feet' photos.

Peace indeed.

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