Cute acoustical version of Eliza Doolittle's, 'Money Box' . I checked out the rest of her music and it's not as knee tapping as this little ditty. It's hard not to find her charming when she says, 'DOH-LAH' with that quirky, be speckled,  hipster strumming away next to her."British singer/songwriter Eliza Doolittle — took the name from Audrey Hepburn’s My Fair Lady character of yore"....Daily Candy

Someone needs to tell the writers at Daily Candy about a little play by George Bernard Shaw by the name of Pygmalion. 


katiedid said…
My new fave....."No bucks....cuz I don't give a penny..." Haha! Adorable.
Ivy Lane said…
I love Eliza Doolittle!! So so cute!

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