Factory 20

I believe in the mixing it up of things. Someone recently told me that on their list of, "big purchases for the home", was a bedroom 'set'. I inwardly cringed. NO!no, no, no. no.  no matchy.  No making your bedroom look like a 2 star hotel room. There are so many ways to create a room so that it doesn't fall flat to the eye. One of which is to not have it all match. Bedding 'sets'? no. I like to choose a little from here, and a little from there. Same goes with the furnishings of a room, any room.

Which is why I'm always drawn to a touch of industrial cast off. It can be a little hard and cold but mixed in with fine boned pieces, beautiful fabrics or even a bit of sea grass or a beautiful carpet can make it an interesting addition to the bunch. Think of it like creating a guest list of who you'd have to a perfect dinner party. This would be the 80 year old who's traveled the world and has a wickedly wry sense of humor. You need him, to add 'texture'.

In my own home, I have it in the form of vintage drafting stools pulled up to the bar ( "The Homework Bar" as it is in our home, where the house poison seems to be Math ) The rest of the room has a mix of french antiques, belgian linen, marble and sea grass. It works.


I love an old doctor's cabinet used to hold white towels and beautifully packaged bath goods in bathroom. I've seen it in modern bathrooms as well as elegant, all white traditional loos. 

I think something like this would be a beautiful way to display a file of old etchings or a coffee table book filled with glorious glossy photos.

I'm always happy to find new places to source out these kinds of pieces. New to me is Virginia based,  Factory 20. Their inventory is HUGE.


Mar gar et said…
Haven't visited their warehouse yet; they are not far from me, though. Love everything they have, and tend to get lost on their site.
I spy 1st dibs as often as I can, but surely I will be giving Factory 20 a try.

Richie Designs said…
I'm crazy about their wares!
their website not so crazy for - ugh so painful

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