Thursday, June 30, 2011

Here. This. Now.

The kids at beach camp, look like confetti from afar.

I'm busy packing my bags for a quick trip to NYC this weekend. But I wanted to share with you our beautiful beach today. Lately the weather has been perfect and our water has turned from it's normally dark, murky to a very clear, turquoise color. It's like having a vacation in the front yard.....


Karena said...


What a fun time. Great images!

Art by Karena

Have a great holiday weekend!

Fabiana said...

Beautiful beach and photographs. It's summer, indeed! Have a safe, fun 4th!

ciao from Newport Beach

Anonymous said...

It has been beautiful the last couple of days. I love that beach shot. Have a great NYC trip. Teri

cecilia said...

I'll bet your ocean is warmer than ours ;) It's so fun to watch children at the beach - their squeals are the purest form of joy!

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