Thursday, July 28, 2011

KW is a garmento.....

You know that commercial that's out right now where the girl is looking at FB and commenting out loud, "that's not a real puppy" I did that when I read that Kelly Wearstler has a new clothing line.  "She can't design clothes, can she?" Apparently she can. Assuming she's the one actually designing the line...And it's sort of cute. I think. Thoughts?  check it out.....



Mrs. Blandings said...

Actually, when I saw the jewelry, I thought, "She should have been doing this all along." I think it's terrific.

Marilyn said...

Ack, no. No. No. No.

Anonymous said...

Not working.
KW's dressing of rooms and dressing of people collide.

The clothes are much too scattered and out of sync Houses can mix it up and scatter about room by room if there's a consistency/commonality somewhere within each room.

A person is a single entity - no space for clashing, inconsistency or collisions and that's what her clothes look like to me.
The jewelry is worth a second look, though.

So there you go.

marinajayhawk said...

jewelry, yes. clothing, no. i can only imagine the price point is ridiculous too. by the way, i LOVE that commercial...cracks me up every time.

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