Friday, July 15, 2011

peace out

can't we all just get a mixed tape?


lilabraga said...

I miss the mixed tapes on my car soooo much :D
fab. blog by the way!

Patti said...

We used to check out a new guy by looking at his album collection.

red ticking said...

oh and the day we all thought these cassettes were "it" they look so ancient... (so i guess i am???) he he
enjoy your weekend... xx

Anonymous said...

Like vinyl and 8 tracks...Someday they'll be worth something!

Happy Beachy Weekend!


beachbungalow8 said...

I used to love making mixed tapes for boy friends. that was how we showed that we 'liked them' and it was all about the cover we'd create for the case-cut out from magazines.

glorystory said...

my sister and I would make a mixed tape for our family road trips...we labeled one: 'Time to Party on the road'! It was my favorite and it had us all dancing in our seats (with seat belts on of course!)

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