I have a mad crush on Josef Frank

Born in 1885, Frank, the Austrian born architect, artist and designer is to this day one of the most important designers. In his structural design work, he like a true architect, rejected facade decor for functional forms. His ability to successfully use asymmetry and curvilinear design in a modern sense, is brilliance.

In his wallpaper, carpet and textile design, it's a celebratory chorus of organic lines and color. Never, ever will his work appear dated. A true design genius.

This print, Terazzo, is one of two of his 160, known textile designs that are not based on nature. Designed to be used as carpet in 1944 for Estrid Ericson on her 50th birthday.


Erik Perez said…
It kinda looks like Marimekko on mushrooms...
72 and sunny said…
TOTALLY. It does always remind me of an acid trip. But it's fantastic. There's a shop in the Mission (in SF) called bell jar. I believe she has some Josef Frank wallpaper behind the till. It's really remarkable.
Karena said…
Amazing works of art and design I love the Birds!


Art by Karena
liza said…
You're right about it not looking dated at all. These are beautiful.
Melissah said…
What an amazing house - I love the white & stone combination.
I love his textiles too Megan! Check out one of my old posts, there is a sofa upholstered in his amazing fabric it looks fantastic!
Hope you are doing well. Have a beautiful Friday!


xo Edyta
Completely agree Megan. I have 6 cushions in Josef Frank and thinking about using another for a built in window seat. LOVE his design.

I posted a pic earlier today on Twitter of my dachshund curled up on them!
You and me both, I LOVE those fabrics!
mary said…
I love his furniture!! Simple, elegant and of the highest quality. Mary
India Holidays said…
Outstanding work in there...really speechless

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