Wednesday, October 12, 2011

sparkle plenty

If you don't already know, the necklaces from etsy seller, Spike the Punch ( I have, name envy. ) might just be the most successfully promoted jewelry line to date for the site. I have no real facts or figures, but starting last summer these pieces seemed to be popping up on every cupcake + confetti blog ( my term for the under 30 set of fashion bloggers ) I'm not sure if she put the jewelry in their hands (gifting = smart marketing ) or if they stumbled across them on their own, whatever, it worked and now they're back ordered 3-4 weeks due to the mass appeal. 

S the P pieces are beautiful, playful, sparkly with a hint of tribal and they're extremely well priced. These beauts will be great with a cashmere sweater and jeans or a LBD- as you cruise into the Holiday months.  Starting at $36.00 here


 Don't they remind you of this, Tom Binn's necklace, a little? - but a wee bit less spenny. ( And mark my word, don't be surprised if you see something very similar popping up on J.Crew. If so, you know who they swiped the idea from. )


Smart Deco said...

Gorgeous - they are very art deco! Great holiday gift idea! Thanks for sharing.

Kelly said...

Love these, thanks for the tip-off. And hee hee on the "cupcakes and confetti" crowd. I think you've coined a new term.

Alias said...

Its a great holiday gift idea...

julia wheeler said...

these are so cute and i totally haven't seen them anywhere... guess i'm not reading enough cupcake + confetti blogs (which is effing hilarious, by the way!)

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