Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just another bit of work by the guy that brought us lifestyles of the painfully hip + sometimes famous. THE Selby ( becaus he's the original. Nobody else like him. All other's are frauds...did he give himself this moniker? god, I hope not. ) once again, focuses on a quiet, great looking, creative couple with really cool digs (and coffee maker) wearing Zara clothing (because, duh, guess who funded the flick) doing really great, creative things with their lives. Watch it and weep knowing that no way, will you ever be as cool. sorry. it's true. (p.s. it's also a beautifully shot film.)


ArchitectDesign™ said...

wow -you are right there. I'll never be as cool. on the bright side though -I spend far less time having to groom my hair than that guy......good lordy.

Mrs. Blandings said...

I love the way they speak to one another - I hope that wasn't just for the camera as it is so charming. And her jewelry? Geezo, beezo.

benson said...

I don't know...from what I've read and seen pictures of-- you're in the cool hall of fame as well. I do have the sweater she's wearing at the end and I drive a jeep...does that count?

katie said...

the video kept cutting out on me.....methinks because i'm not cool nor hip enough to watch such rad-ness....
prolly should be with my own kind and finally succumb to that sitcom "modern family" shit or food t.v. stuff everyone else is watching.
-laughable that i even attempt to sit at the cool kids, bauhaus dining room table.

Susan Windsor Jones said...

Hey Megan, any thoughts on where I could get some task lamps like the two on their kitchen table?

beachbungalow8 said...

Susan, I'm not sure, but maybe check Artemide? If not the exact they have similar.

Anonymous said...

Wow- such an amazing coffee maker, any idea what it is and where we coukd find it?


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