Wednesday, February 1, 2012

 photo: geronimo balloon troopers

I think I love this look #1 for the nostalgia factor. It brings up memories of 5 year old birthday parties and rides home looking down at my red tight covered legs bearing traces of a good time had : dried white icing, punch stains and a torn knee ( good for sticking your thumb and fore finger in to make bigger  ) Who wouldn't want to bring that back into their grown-woman repertoire of looks?

Nostalgia aside, this look hits the 'color blocking' trend square in the pie hole. And while we're talking 'color blocking' since when is mixing patternless colors a trend? I think I did this when I was 5, too. But it was called Garanimals. Oh those silly fashion folk.  Back to the Red Tights. They're graphic, they're modern and bit girlish for sure. I ,officially, declare February "Red Tight Month".

by the way, imagine a red tight with that YSL shoe in the previous post... "riiiiiigghht?" (said in my best LA dialect )


Daily Cup of Couture said...

I adore Geronimo balloons! I got one for my sister in law when she had her first baby! That Valentines baloon is just beyond cute! xx

April Lou said...

I could never pull it off, but I totally bought some for my daughter. I can live through her.

Punctuation Mark said...

i love how it looks in other but i feel these colored tights make my legs look short... haha!!!

Amy Carter said...

I love these balloons! They would in fact be perfect for parties, especially for bringing out that childish fun.

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