buy some damn art

Familiar with this website?  It's a great way to find new artist's and pick up some cool (pretty cheap) art. Each week ( Every Tuesday to be exact, Buy Some Damn Art brings you new, original work by up-and-coming artists. ) This week I've been eyeing the work of Kate Lewis who does these great pieces inspired by interiors.


I love a good cacophony of mixed pattern and color, so her studies of this sort of visual chaos, sings to me.


 It would be one thing is she simply, painted them in gouache on watercolor paper or oil on canvas, but she does this really cool, textural thing where she starts by applying a heavy, goopy layer of Gesso and then paints on top of that.


They're  very 'painterly' but very controlled - a chorus of controlled chaos. If you have sometime today, (and apparently you do if you're reading this.)  Hop over. There are some great finds at some great prices.


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