Monday, April 16, 2012

Mixed Tape Monday

+ Mixed Tape Monday +

Mushaboom :: Feist
High School Lover :: Oregon Bike Trails
I'm His Girl :: The Friends
If I Were A Fish :: Mum
Return to Form :: Daniel Rossen
Feral :: Radio Head
Heartbeats :: Jose´ Gonzalez
Love Sick Blues (cover) :: Ryan Adams

listen to it


Jennings and Gates said...

Thanks! Great mix! N.G.

Karena said...

Megan Great music choices. The weather is perfect here in Kansas city! Have a great day!

Art by Karena

Contempo Wall said...

"Heartbeats"...I could listen to that song for days

Jill said...

Great playlist
Just FYI, 'Heartbeats' is also a cover. It's originally sung by The Knife (and in my opinion, is a much better version!)
Love the blog

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