Mixed Tape Monday

Hey! I'm back from a self imposed blog break. Sometimes you need to take your focus off of  that thing which has become routine,  just to come back to it with a fresh perspective.

 I pulled together this little mixed tape. Most of it's just random music that floats in and out of my background music during the day. Although, I did throw in Bay area, Loquat who are new to me but apparently have been killing it at SXSW. It's mellow and sort of an easy introduction to electronic. Also, if you like Feist, it is said that you'll probably like this husband and wife duo. 

worldless chorus :: my morning jacket

i don't play piano :: money mark 

jojo's jacket :: stephen malkamus

dance yrself clean :: lcd soundstystem

fortress :: pinback

bukowski :: modest mouse

kindling for fire :: loquat

po' folks :: nappy roots


Leslie said…
Love the music you picked!

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