Everyone in my entire family needs this stamp (oh yes, I'm talking to you) We're so bad that we call each other a month later and say things like, "hey! I didn't forget I'm just trying to make it a birthday month/season for you!" And really, because we're family, it's understood.

Speaking of family, my sister made a dress out of paper once. I don't really remember it, except from yellowed, old photos of her standing in the backyard. These are made from vintage maps and the dresses sell for a mere, $195.00 (new zealand) - which seems really low for something this unique and hand done. I'd frame this and hang it on a wall. There's more here.

Aren't these great? They would look great in a mid century designed living room corner. I see Womb Chairs and Danish case goods in this beauty's future. From Score + Solder (which, is such a great name )

Every time I see one of those Keep Calm posters, or any version of it, I need to speak the above words to myself.  I crown it as officially 'over'. I think this might be the new, banner of affirmation to have. Designed by Ashley of , 'Secret Holiday & Co.' (again, the name. so great.) This, hand made, banner has been seen popping up in all kinds of photo shoots lately. Who doesn't need to be reminded that really, at the end of it all......it's ok. 


Karena said…
Love this post Megan I agree with you about that fab dress; I would frame and hang it!!

I have a feature Interview on my site with Tina from The Enchanted Home...


Art by Karena
mikky said…
I think I need that stamp, I am always mailing cards late! Such a cute idea, wonder if it would work with the peeps at visa and mastercard ;)

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