Monday, May 21, 2012

I sort of can't believe that I'm wearing neon again. But I am. In small doses I think it's the perfect bit of zing for a casual Spring outfit of jeans and a T. I'm particularly digging these oxfords with the neon yellow sole (my illustration above doesn't accurately convey how BRILLIANT the bottoms are). They're the perfect accompaniment slipped on with a neon jacket. Sort of like you stepped in a pile of Dandelions and then rolled in some Peonies. . .


Anonymous said...

I think I like it more this time around. Teri

Karena said...

Megan I love bright pops of color, in accessories, T's, and sandals!! Cute illustration!

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Art by Karena

cecilia said...

I love your illustrations on Mondays. I read your post first, and then saw this one with the same shoes! They are super cool, and agree with you that I thought I'd never wear neon again after that stage back in 1989!

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