peace out

   It's been a week of dogs eating newly minted retainers (after FIVE years of braces for one child), replacement of said mauled retainers (not cheap), 5th grade friend issues, tests, iphones that forget to remind of majorly important meetings, missed appointments, missed parties for the Legends of La Cienega event (which makes me feel like the kid who's missing out on all of the fun everyone else is having) and skipping up to SF for the weekend. I've decided this: I'm strongly considering going into Orthodonti, cash being the motivator (see above)  and b. I'm ready to have nothing on my plate. Happy Mother's Day, all y'alls. I miss you mom. xoxo


Anonymous said…
Wow, that's quite a week. I heard about the La Cienega but wasn't sure what it was all about. Hope your weekend gets better and you get to have some fun! Happy Mother's Day! Teri
Peggy and Fritz said…
Happy Mothers Day Megan. Have a great weekend.
Ivy Lane said…
Wow... you need a day of nothing! Enjoy your weekend..take time to breatheeeee....... and

Happy Mother's Day!
Linda Merrill said…
Happy Mother's day my friend.

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