shut the front door.

The house in which I grew up, was your basic, traditional, Georgian Colonial.  Built in the early teens.  White, with black shutters. When people would ask for directions to our home we'd say, " when you get to the circle median, you'll see it. It's the one with the bright red door." And so it still is. The only house on the block or the neighborhood, for that matter,  that stands out for it's non-tradtional front door color choice.


So maybe this is why I have a special affinity for front doors painted any hue but the expected. Don't get me wrong, a glossy black door is one of my favorites, on the right door. Elegant and dressed to the nines - that look is. But take a gander at these gems and maybe think about this easy pick me up for your own home.


It's only paint after all. Live with it for the summer, I think you'll end up keeping it.

 This isn't a front door, but carrying this idea inside can make all the difference in a space.

Trust me, there's a little bit of pride that goes with living in the only house on the block with a little in-your-face personality trait.  


ok, and one more that has nothing to do with paint, but check these sliders out. Is this not the best?

*all photos are from pinterest. If you know to whom I should give credit, please let me know and I will gladly do so.


StagerLinda said…
Love a spunky front door! It speaks volumes about the people living inside, don't you think? I'm smitten with the turquoise door.
Meg said…
Love a painted door! Actually I took that first photo, the purple number with Mr. Foxy, it was right out side of my friend's apartment in NYC, Midtown...I keep seeing it on pinterest and it cracks me up!
StagerLinda said…
Doubt there are many other Mr. Foxy doorknockers out there. Gotta feel honored when they others on Pinterest keep pinning...My front door is boring. Wish I were so daring!
colored front doors!!:D
love the neon green one
How2home said…
colored front doors are so much fun.....what type of paint would you recommend using? primer or with no primer?

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