designer: Mark Eisner

designer: Ken Fulk

designer: Stephanie Stokes photo: Eric Piasecki

Make it work people.


Anonymous said…
I love it when I see a beautiful, small kitchen. Since I have no choice, having a small house in a "great location," I have come to terms with a little kitchen and try not to be envious of most of the kitchens I see in design magazines.
I'm a big believer in working with what you have. These don't just work, they're downright inspirational. My grandma had the teeniest galley kitchen in Long Island, but the food tasted just as good! Thanks for these!
Molly said…
Great article. Love the pictures. You really NEED TO PROVIDE SOURCES for your pictures though!!! It's so important!
You must understand how hard people work on a project. To not get credit is very frustrating.
It is possible to find original sources, though it does take work sometimes. I just spent a few minutes finding the original source for one of your pictures because I couldn't link it back to your page.
I write this with kindness. Hopefully this helps you make your blog better.

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