Hey my friends, get a load of this, there's a Madeline Weinrib Sample Sale next week!!! I've been blogging about Madeline Weinrib textiles since the dawn of this blog. So something like this makes my heart pound and my hands get a little sweaty.  One little piece of MW in a room, and the rest is just filler. Ideally, I'd like to get my hands on anyone of her rugs, or pillows for that matter. Anyway, see you there!


oooh! Thank YOU megan!

I'll be driving the big "pearl" (not, white) SUV with "O Mom" sticker.

(My status as a mother of a student attending The University of Oregon.)

Things We Covet said…
Do the fly-overs get a shot? I'll check the website. Sigh.
a lovely being said…
no way!!!

I'm going for sure. Adding it to my calendar right now - thank you!

x fallon

ps - we should get lunch again sometime soon and catch up :)
Beth said…
I adore anything and everything Madeline Weinrib. She is an amazing designer.
Ok. Didn't get there. Best intentions, interrupted.

So show us what you bought, show and tell! :-)

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