radical rooftops

I was whining to my mom the other day about my lack of yard and inability to have a vegetable garden and she, jokingly, said "Why don't you landscape your roof and use it?" 

I mean, it's not that way off. Have you seen the new California Academy of Science Museum in Golden Gate Park?

I would have loved to have watched them bring these reindeer up.

It's brilliant.  And then, this weekend in the SF Chronicle this house was featured,

Photo: Martina Brehmer
and it just made me start thinking about the possibilities of a space usually, ignored.

 When you live in a city, it's that much more important to take advantage of every surface and bit of space available to you. Anyway, it got me wanting to poke around and see what other cool ideas are out there for the roof over our heads from outdoor screening rooms to sustainable rooftops.

This one is insane.......

The driveway, is actually under the house. Not on top (in case you, like me, were trying to figure that shot out)

The design concept envisioned by the architects of Cloud9

source, JOSDesigning.com

designed by Jim Poteet

Chicken Coop with sustainable roof. :/ source: dwell

The Ellis Residence in Seattle, was designed by LEED certified, Coates Design Architects. 

Really, the sky's the limit.


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