Sutherland + Rose Tarlow +Perennials Collaborate for a stunning summer set up


This past Monday evening, under the golden light of L.A.s setting sun, Rose Tarlow Melrose House kicked off the beginning of summer with a , "Texas style" backyard BBQ. As you can imagine, it was elegant and lovely with the perfect food, music and of course setting.

 The event was to celebrate the new collaboration between, esteemed design house, Rose Tarlow Melrose House and lauded outdoor furniture company, Sutherland with Perennials fabrics designed by Rose Tarlow.

The only shot of me, is of course, grazing at the food table. The food was ridiculously good.

Double double design style, Woodson + Rummerfield with Harbinger's Parrish Chilcoat + Joe Lucas

I was so impressed with the pricing of the fabric. The color ways are neutral with textile designs that would work just as well on  clothing (in fact, some of the men at the event had custom made bow ties from the gray fabric, below, with the dots - my husband was practically trying to buy one off of a friend. )  and I especially love the grayed finish of the teak.

Another special element of these designs is that some of the patterns are actually woven into the fabric, as opposed to simply printed on top (which is the norm. for most of these indoor/outdoor textiles)

More beautiful product shots......


All around, this line is perfection. Is it really any surprise?


Anonymous said…
The setting looks lovely and so does that furniture. Outdoor furniture is always tricky isn't it? You looked great of course from what I can see of you in the photos.
Erik Perez said…
I think that's the only picture of me as well (also with the food) haha glad you guys could make it :)
Linda Merrill said…
I'm assuming the perfectly coiffed, groomed and posing barkeep is a hopeful actor ready for his closeup?
Is it too obvious to everyone that you are in the food line, but not closest to the camera?

Love your dress and nude heels.

So I know I am supposed to be ooohing and aaahing over the decor, but to be totally honest, that peach cobbler bread is blowing my mind-hole. Did you try it?

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

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