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I'm guessing because this is an election year,  the American Flag as a graphic component, has become the clear fore runner in the trending world. For the last 6 months it seems to be everywhere.
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 To me, the color combo is always a good crisp, go-to whether used in the classic, Ralph Lauren-y way or used sparsely - with big hits of saturated color in a more modern sense. 

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Even if you're not down with the Americana vibe, it's a great jumping off point. For instance, by adding a little blue to the red, you'll get a  raspberry that pairs well with a turquoise which in turn, reads a little more Swedish.

I've always loved designer, Ellen O'Neill's aesthetic. When I first saw these shots from her Bridgehampton, NY home, in House Beautiful I was reminded of how she always manages to take a clever angle on an approach that's not new. No, the notes of 'red' aren't true reds but more reminiscent of a favorite faded pair of Nantucket Red pants- pretty and beach-casual perfect.

Ellen O'Neill via House Beautiful
Ellen O'Neill via House Beautiful

Of course, if you can't totally commit or only like to give in during the season of patriotism , tossing a blanket or a few pillows in is an easy, hassle free way to switch things around. Just remember, if you start getting hokey, it will look hokey (wind socks = hokey) and that's long as that's  your intention.

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 Personally, I think this blanket (above) is beautiful. Probably best suited for a kid's room, but I do love the anchors and how they tilt to create waves.

I think what I love about this combination mostly, is that it always feels like summer near the water. For me, that's where the best memories are made.


Anonymous said…
It's so funny because I'm not a red person, but I love red white and blue beachy decor. That faded red striped sofa fabric (House Beautiful) is fantastic. Someday I want the interior of a house where all the fabrics are faded and washed a million times with well worn pine floors and tables with chipped paint.
Mrs. Blandings said…
That image with the prints in red frames? I showed that to my oldest to give him an idea of what I was thinking for his room. Didn't go well. Seems 14-year-old boys are literal and he could not make the mental translation of the double ric rack bordered bed skirt to anything to do with him. As a mother of three boys, I've always loved this look.
Irene Wibowo said…
i love this. :)

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