Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good touch? 


bad touch

The freakish hybrid furniture, of designer Merve Kahraman was inspired by "mythologies of parahumans"

I actually sort of like them in a weird, trippy, way.  I also appreciate that they're entirely handmade. Thinking outside of the box and being inspired by parahumans in a chimera-
esque way- is cool, mang.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Designer Raf Simons, used a "million" flowers to line a Parisian mansion for a Christian Dior show. Those Fou Frogs. Check out the 'making of video' if you have a sec.  - do your fingers hurt? How much does a flower poker make? Not enough. The Delphinium room is my favorite.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I'm completely engrossed with these images from, Australian photographer, Martyn Thompson's book, 'Interiors'. There's something in the way that they're shot that just  swallows and envelopes the viewer. It helps that they're not your run of the mill, super styled, slick shots. Each of them has a little something that makes you want to stop and sit awhile.


Oh ya, and jury duty? As much as I complained (facebook followers, you know) It was kind of awesome. The judge was adorable, in that avuncular/fatherly, 50s sitcom dad way. A cross between Atticus and  Dennis the Menace's dad in that old black and white show. If one can have a 'Judge Crush', I totally did.

Friday, July 20, 2012

photo:: Frances McLaughlin-Gill, 1954

I'm in jury duty for the next week. Just lettin' you know. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I'm currently working with a two different clients that need a face lift on an existing chair. They both want something graphic, but not to "too out there". Conservative but creative-something that brings a bold punch without stealing the show entirely. With one of them I'm also limited to fabric type because of a cat that claws up certain fabrics (this has been a re-occurring theme for me lately with jobs. Does anyone else have this caveat thrown at them?)  My thoughts keep going back to this, Nick Olsen designed, inset paneled chair that Patricia posted the other week.

 He seems to have a thing for this look as well. I found in my 'Chairs' file, this shot from Domino taken in his apartment (which I LOVED from head to toe)

 It hits all of my check points - modern yet classic, could be done within a smaller budget and creates a point of interest without seeming like it's from The Island of Misfits.

Here's a slipped covered version, which would be even more economical (and probably a bit easier to clean).

 Here's a great example of a nice chair, something easily found at a big box shop like Ballard Design, given a bit more personality just by this simple application. I especially like the classic carvings against the modern black and white punch.

Here's another that I pilfered from Patricia's blog. The room is beautiful, but far too fussy for me. But without those strong stripes (and animal skins and legs), it would feel like you crawled under Marie Antoinette's skirts.

I also like the horizontal stripe, thing.


 But it tends to look Nautical no matter how you slice it. 


Not a bad thing, it's just a thing. That I'm not looking for here. 

This one looks familiar.

I'm not feeling this one. The stripe is too small in scale. If you're going to do it, go big. 

 This one is totally different, but it's so great, on so many levels. It's also the sort of thing I see on other people's blogs about how they scored it for $15.00 on ebay or craig's list or found it in the neighbor's trash and just happened to have this cool vintage ("$5.00 at our church's rummage sale!") flannel blanket that had some holes so could really only be used as upholstery. Which they did themselves. Which all told cost them $30.00. Which never happens to people like me.

but I digress.

The other thing I like about this whole inset stripe thing ( or what are they calling it now, "Coloring Blocking"? ) is that the options are many- Orange + Chocolate brown, Olive + Pale Celadon, Yellow + White, Gray + Yellow, Navy + White....

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I love a good typeface. In fact, I can spend hours perusing font websites. I was on one of my favorites recently and clicked through to the guy's site (Lucas Lisi) that designed the font in the first image. Turns out, I love a lot of his work. Actually, I loved every piece he had on the site. Some favorites below, and more here....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Because I love stop motion (and small colorful fish, jumping out of a bowl of spaghetti) and I cannot lie.

My, short attention span, hat goes off to stop motion-ists.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Somersaulting, Cartwheeling and Stumbling upon......

This, whimsical lighting line.....

Marina's birds via fajno

This, happy chair....
The Orient Dining Chair by Century.

This series of images....

 containing photographs projected on to the walls of soon to be demolished buildings. The Anteroom series, by James Nizam

This Torigun* series by artist Sato........

*Japanese songbirds wearing military uniforms

This awesome space.......... 

that I'd like for an office (or to live) more here

This massive light from an old church.......

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