Good touch? 


bad touch

The freakish hybrid furniture, of designer Merve Kahraman was inspired by "mythologies of parahumans"

I actually sort of like them in a weird, trippy, way.  I also appreciate that they're entirely handmade. Thinking outside of the box and being inspired by parahumans in a chimera-
esque way- is cool, mang.


Sarah's Fab Day said…
I'm with you. Sometimes a little weird and trippy is a good thing.
mikky said…
Oh I love these crazy chairs! I can picture kids going crazy for these. It would be fun to set them around a dining room table and have each chair be a different animal. Time to chuck out my dining room chairs!
Segreto Secrets said…
They are all fun I will give it that and would be brilliant in the right place!!
mary said…
I love these chairs--sculptures. thanks. Mary
Anonymous said…
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LOVE Maria at
I'm leaning towards baahd.

But mikky has a fun look at them!


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