this is where I do my first soap review.

Who says blogging isn't good clean fun? Look what just arrived in the mail for me! yay! love blog swag. when the soap makers at Hudson Made, emailed me to see if I'd be interested in checking out their product, I took one look at their website and hollered out a big, YEA! Handmade? Organic made with goat's milk???? 'FANCY BLACK SOAP'? I need all the fancy I can get. So what I wasn't prepared for, is the incredible packaging it's wrapped in (design by Hovard design). That alone, is worth everything.


It's been sitting on my desk, like a little air freshener (because the earthy goodness emanates from its gorgeous little encasement) I've been too afraid to open it. Also, I was sort of thinking of doing a give away- but then my greediness got in the way this morning and I tore (delicately) into it.

After snapping these photos, I lathered up my hands and...can a soap be  sensuous? This stuff is like lathering with, well, duh, butterfat or a thousand little butterflies. Which makes sense because that's one of it's main ingredients (not butterflies) . As is mineral rich volcanic ash and fresh goat's milk from Nubian goats who are pasture raised (I told you this is some, damn FANCY BLACK SOAP)

I have weird, irritant skin. I get weird and rashy if I use low grade  product on my skin. THIS? this FANCY BLACK SOAP (that is,' black', did I mention? Totally swag.) is for those of you who also have the skin of a princess (this is how we call it, in my house) it's for those of you who keep a closet of hostess gifts. Because who wouldn't want to receive something beautifully hand made that smells like the clean woods and essential oils and feels like a hand massage with every use?

Thank you Hudson Made. I'm sorry it took so long to post this. I've been petting the box for the last 2 months. The rest of you - go check out their site. There's a really cool soap dish over there too.


Unknown said…
It seems so lovely - I may have to buy some! I adore a clean scented soap with rich lather. You did a wonderful review, thank you!
Anonymous said…
Your blog is so wonderful and Im following..I hope you follow me also:)

Have a great week dear

LOVE Maria at
That soap is so chic! if soap can be chic.... which i guess it can. I love the packaging too, I might have to order some of my own to try out!

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