I think the first time that I ever saw the interior of a Cuban building was in that, 90's Wim Wender's documentary, Buena Vista Social Club. If you haven't seen it yet, you really should (and then, you'll want to go out and buy the soundtrack if you missed that trend, first time around. Makes for a great Indian Summer, patio party soundtrack)  The film gives you an incredibly sensitive look into 'modern day' Cuba. Modern day Cuba, the faded beauty of a Grande Dame...  hanging on to her beauty, despite. The patina of years of decay and neglect, like a weathered face mapped deep with laugh lines, adds to the beauty and depth of character. Cuba is on my, 'to-do' list. In the mean time, I soak in any imagery I can find that reflects such elegance and stoicism. These interiors shot by Michael Eastman


Beautiful but haunting images. I put this link on my facebook page. Thanks for posting!
mary said…
Hi Megan,
The tragedy of a failed revolution, or a successful one depending upon the perspective. Man yearns for freedom, especially of spirit--that yearning is so painfully apparent in these photos. Thanks. Mary
Unknown said…
Megan, I am sorry but these pics have nothing to do with beauty but are the sad result of a regime that still has its people under the whip.
Do you know that even today the citizens of Cuba are punished (prison) when they talk to tourists? Do you know that the "good food" is still strictly reserved for tourists - the people of Cuba can see for themselves where they get their proper nourishment from f.e. milk for babies etc. which is strictly rationed. Do you know that there exist 2 different currencies on Cuba - one for the people and one for the tourists? The list is endless.
Cuba is a very poor country and the profits from the tourists go to the regime not the people. There is absolutely no charme in poverty and the pics do not show neglect - they show the loss of dignity and the stagnation of a system that only keeps the people in slavery. And as long as this continues this is not a country one should travel to!!!

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